Healthy nutrition for your baby's development during pregnancy!

We want to share with you some secrets during pregnancy.


You can find two types of apps in the store: trackers and meal plans. The first solve a banal problem, they count what you eat, and output the result, did not receive vitamins or harmful, they do not care about it. Of course, there are huge databases of various products, but they do not have the full content of vitamins and minerals, because such a database is created on the basis of data entered by the users themselves. They are designed to monitor the number of calories and that’s it. The second does not take into account what you like from the products and what is not and offer you complex recipes based on a given calorie content. And all of them do not take into account the amount of necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as useful fats and fiber, directly necessary for your situation.

We are sure that this is wrong, such applications will not be able to solve the problem of healthy nutrition during pregnancy, and do not allow you to maintain health and results for a long time.

The APP “VITA: diet for pregnant women” is also a tracker of calories and more importantly vitamins and minerals, and a food plan based on your taste preferences, and a shopping list for the week. We do this on the basis of modern dietary standards, recommendations of the institutes of health, the daily needs of the body in all vital vitamins and minerals, restrictions on harmful substances. That is, we allow you to achieve the goal of losing weight, gaining weight or maintaining it, taking into account all the norms, this is a really difficult task and when you edit the menu, pay attention to which of the set norms to achieve the goal you deviate.

We want you to change the pills on delicious and healthy food, and understand that this is very important.

Therefore, our meal plan takes into account your position (pregnant or nursing), weight, age, gender and activity and is suitable even for children from 3 years in the following parameters:

  • Kcal - that you correctly reached the goal
  • Proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the proportion of 30-15-55 – for better body transformation
  • Meals every 3-4 hours-reduce the risk of developing cholelithiasis and regular provide nutrients to your baby.
  • 100% of 12 vitamins and 8 minerals - for life extension, real health, good mood and strong immunity
  • Fiber from 25 to 38 grams - for proper functioning of the stomach and the best digestion
  • Poly and mono unsaturated acids - for healthy nails, hair, heart activity
  • Restriction of sodium intake is normal blood pressure and no problems with delayed eating salt(a crunch of joints, pain in the bones)
  • Control the consumption of cholesterol is a healthy blood vessels, no liver problems
  • Consumption of saturated fat up to 10% of kcal – these fats are important for the formation of hormonal background in both men and women, but require restrictions in view of the problems with fat deposition, problems with blood vessels and heart in excess
  • Minimal content of transgenic fat – this type of fat is genetically modified and obtained in the process of heat treatment, it is associated with the worst diseases.

Our nutrition plan will help you become not only slimmer, but also healthier, solve the problem of chronic fatigue, overeating sweet, nervous breakdowns, split hair and brittle nails, or bad teeth and protect against premature aging.